Have you got the time?

I have written about time as a topic on my profile page but for those of you who read my blogs I want to make a few comments about how time is used by people and why such apparently, normal, ordinary behaviour can in fact be quite meaningful.

We are controlled by time in all kinds of ways – arriving at work, turning up for doctor’s appointments, dentist’s appointments, meetings and we are judged variously by how punctual we are. We all know the people who turn up late because it is habitual; you know the person who scurries in 10 minutes late to a meeting and has to loudly apologise and there is always an excuse. Meetings can often be taken over by excuses and it makes me wonder if the person who is late is demanding attention because this is one of the only ways they can access it.

Are you a late person or an early person? Do you hate turning up first to a venue as it makes you feel lonely and sad as if you aren’t coming from something or somewhere interesting? Do you turn up early because you are afraid no-one will wait for you? Do you turn up late to control those you are expecting to see? They worry about where you are and want to see the relief on their faces when you show?

Doctor’s appointments are official and we incur a penalty or a telling off if we’re late for them – it wastes time and money and surgeries often announce publicly how many sessions have not been taken up. Perhaps on a more personal, less official note it is also wasting time if you don’t turn up on time for appointments. I would be interested in if you’re a late person or an early person and what your views are on this topic. Of course this does not include genuine excuses like emergencies or bad traffic but failing that what are your thoughts?

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