Christmas – a time for rejoicing?

Christmas is a challenging time of year for people. Of course lots of people have a great time. It’s an excuse to go out and celebrate and get mindlessly drunk with friends. It’s an opportunity for families from far afield to get together for those few days when time seems to be suspended. It’s a chance to glut yourself on food for a day or two and sit back and be entertained by the telly.

I used to avoid Christmas by going away to places where it wasn’t celebrated. The whole feel of Christmas made me sad and I couldn’t stand the pressure of presents, having to be nice to people and the fact that it made me think about things I had rather forget. I couldn’t exactly explain why it made me feel this way. I now feel like this again. For a few years I was able to enjoy it at some level.

I know people who go away  to avoid sad memories. I know people who try to ignore it and stay in remote crofts. I know people who buy a Chinese take away on Christmas Eve and make it last them over Christmas time. I know people who spend it alone; some by choice, some not. No-one I know is indifferent to it although they pretend to be.

Are you one of those people who enjoy Christmas? How do you celebrate/not celebrate? I feel it’s a flashpoint, a time when things stand out in stark relief. Pain is more painful at Christmas; joy perhaps more joyful. Add your comments, Help me out. I’d like to enjoy it more.

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