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About Rose Driscoll MBACP, MA

I came to counselling by accident. I had a long-standing anxiety that was making me unhappy. It was only when a friend suggested that I go and deal with the causes of my anxiety rather than battling with its effects on me, that I realised it made good sense.

I went on to have my own therapy. It was only after I had dealt with my own pain that I decided to embark upon training. I became fascinated with how counselling helps on a deep level to heal you from the inside. I decided to complete the most rigorous training I could in order to be as effective to other people as possible. I learned that people don’t just want sympathy; they need help; empathy; someone who sits with their pain and acknowledges it. Counselling helps people to recognise the root of their troubles and recognition is vitally important.

All of us at some point or other have or will experience pain. Sometimes getting through that difficult time seems impossible to us. Going to see a professional might be the answer if you’re struggling to manage the process or struggling to understand how to manage it. Counselling is one way of beginning to feel in charge. Don’t be drawn down into the stream’s current; sit on the bank of the stream and observe yourself.

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