What you achieve with counselling very much depends on how much you’re able to put in.  People want to know whether counselling will be a solution to the problem. I believe counselling is a healthy pathway rather than an answer and making that first appointment is your first step. Below you will find some comments from people I’ve worked with and a case study.


I’m back I should never have gone. J

You’re a miracle worker; you saved my daughter and she is now well again. Thanks. L

I wouldn’t have turned my life around so much if it wasn’t for you, and I speak very highly of you to so many people for turning my life around. M

“The work we did together was truly life-changing. I can now think about and enjoy life in a way I have never done before. You were very patient, understanding, but also very importantly for me, very honest, which allowed us to develop a very trusting relationship”  J

There are times during these past few months when I don’t know what I’d have done without you” D

“I’ve had lots of counselling before but I like the way you listen to what I say and make me think. I feel that my pain is now less like a tight fist.” S

Since my sessions with you, I have to say life seemed to get better and better and I am now stronger and happier than I can ever remember being and I cant thank you enough for how much you helped me:) A

“I feel so much calmer and more in control about many areas of my life now, as a result of the therapy, so thank you.” E

“Thank you so much for all of the help you have given me, you really have made me a new person who finally likes herself and her life again and I never thought that would happen again.

Since my sessions with you, I have to say life seemed to get better and better and I am now stronger and happier than I can ever remember being and I cant thank you enough for how much you helped me 🙂
I have so much to thank you for and I just wanted to underline how thankful I am.” V

Case study

I was asked to work with a boy who had been thrown out of three secondary schools because of extremely aggressive and unsociable behaviour. He was thirteen when I met him. I was told that if he could engage with me for ten minutesthen that was better than nothing. I did only manage that for three sessions and then in the next session something very simple happened which changed the course of our relationship. When I was talking to him my mobile phone ring tone pierced the room. Without thinking I apologised profusely and switched it off. These two acts: of apologising and of turning off my phone were meaningful to him.

He had rarely been in a position where anyone else had apologised to him and he had never had the experience of respect he experienced when I turned off my phone. From then he engaged with me and told me his story. It didn’t happen overnight because that’s not how it goes. A story can only be told when someone is ready to tell it. In fact this young man had never had the sort of childhood he would  have wanted and in his talks with me he managed to relive some of the joy he had never experienced as a child.

His parents were also involved in his counselling experience with me; they were also able to admit to things they had never thought possible. This young man is now able to live a happier, healthy life. He is able to enjoy his personality and value himself and, above all, he has some understanding of why he behaved as he did in order to forgive himself and move forward. This family told me that they were ‘not the kind of people who would have considered that counselling could offer them anything.’ They did the hard work; they were able to trust again and I am proud to say that I had some small part in that.